Propecia (Finasteride)
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Product description: Propecia is medicine for hair loss treatment.
Active Ingredient: Finasteride
Propecia as known as: Andropel, Lopecia, Finalop, Lifin, Fincar 5, Andropyl, Finasteridum, Tricofarma, Finpro, Fintex, Aprost, Prostanorm, Finaspros, Finural, Ambulase, Alopec, Prostide, Androstatin, Gefina, Proleak, Fisterid, Sterakfin, Flaxin, Penester, Ulgafen, Prohair, Borealis, Daric, Finarid, Prostanovag, Winfinas, Urototal, Finanorm, Mostrafin, Recur, Tensen, Sutrico, Finprostat, Finastid, Androfin, Finol, Hyplafin, Finocar, Flutiamik, Poruxin, Finasterin, Renacidin, Propeshia, Zerlon, Fintral, Prostanil, Tealep, Fisteride, Eucoprost, Reprostom, Pronor, Finasterida, Finamed, Symasteride, Fintrid, Prostacide, Finazil, Prostacom, Finastir, Prostasax, Finar, Pro-cure, Finster, Q-prost, Alsteride, Chibro-proscar, Prosmin, Glopisine, Ativol, Prostene, Folcres, Vetiprost, Finasterax, Finapil, Alopros, Prostafin, Folister, Dilaprost, Kinscar, Prosterid, Nasteril, Zasterid, Nasterol, Reduscar, Fynasid, Finascar, Prostarinol, Genaprost, Antiprost, Finastéride, Finaster, Avertex, Finacapil, Finpros, Firide, Finahair, Andofin, Reduprost, Apeplus, Prosterit, Fistrin

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