Adalat (Nifedipine)
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Product description: Adalat is a calcium channel blocker which is used to prevent certain types of chest pain (angina) or to treat a certain blood circulation disorder.
Active Ingredient: Nifedipine
Adalat as known as: Conetrin, Ficard, Corinael cr, Kobanifate l, Nifecor, Atenerate, Conducil, Cardiobren, Depine, Nifestad, Fenamon, Cordafen, Nifecard, Macorel, Zenusin, Nipin, Nidipine, Nifedipinum, Ficor, Ecodipin, Lemar, Sali-adalat, Xepalat, Korincare, Cordaflex, Myogard, Nelapine, Nifical, Nidicard, Nifedigel, Pyme nife, Ramitalate, Coronipin, Tensomax, Addos, Calcigard, Nifelantern cr, Corotrend, Casanmil s, Nifecardia, Nifelat, Nifatenol, Nian, Knoramin l, Nifedipino, Farmalat, Tensopin, Glopir, Oxcord, Apo-nifed, Nifangin, Milfadin, Fenidina, Herlat, Chronadalate, Bresben, Calcheck, Nifeslow, Nifedin, Marivolon, Nirena, Carditas, Siopelmin, Depicor, Nifedipin, Cardicon osmos, Pharmaniaga nifedipine, Kepakuru l, Antrolin, Nifedel, Nedipin, Nifcal, Nicardia, Adipine, Cisday, Depin-e, Nife von ct, Sindipine, Belnif, Nifetex tr, Duranifin, Adalate, Nifar-gb, Nifehexal retard, Ramitalate l, Nipidin, Pabalat, Nifedi-denk, Nifedipina, Cobalat, Tensipine mr, Atenif beta, Nif-ten, Nifensar, Aprical, Nifelat l, Cardifen, Corinael l, Citilat, Coral, Jutadilat, Atanaal, Calcibloc, Menoprizin, Nifediac, Cardipin, Stada uno, Fedip, Viscard, Calchan, Ospocard, Emaberin, Buconif, Epilat, Tenif, Towarat cr, Nycopin, Nifedical, Anpect, Cordalat, Afeditab, Nyefax retard, Amarkor, Nipress, Beta-nicardia, Kisalart l, Cardalin, Nifedate, Sepamit, Nyefax, Cardiosol, Nifedipress, Vasdalat, Noviken, Cardules, Normadil, Tredalat, Depin, Cordilat, Sidalat, Adefin, Nifecap, Nifeclair, Nefelid, Nifezzard, Nifehexal, Hexadilat, Cipalat retard, Nifin, Cardioluft l, Corinfar, Casanmil, Nifedine, Fortipine la, Nife-ct, Valni, Nifelong, Nirena l, Nifebene, Timol cd30, Nifedip, Cordipin, Nifedicor, Nidilat, Cardicon, Nilol, Nifedalat, Nifical-tropfen, Fedip retard, Nifed, Coracten, Hypan, Niften, Pressolat, Calcianta

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