Lipitor (Atorvastatin)
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Product description: Lipitor is prescribed for treatment of high cholesterol.
Active Ingredient: Atorvastatin
Lipitor as known as: Vastatin, Cardyn, Zydus atorva, Cholvast, Xelpid, Lipostop, Biostatina, Zarator, Lowlipen, Holisten, Totalip, Atovin, Tiginor, Lipobi, Nor lipox, Lipidra, Fluxol, Avas, Livas, Ator, Torvaplipin, Lipinor, Avastatin, Delipost, Zurinel, Cardyl, Liponorm, Atorva, Larus, Torva, Liparex, Storvas, Torvalipin, Lipicon, Stacor, Colastin l, Hypolip, Atovarol, Orva, Lipizem, Lipostatin, Torvacard, Lipivastin, Aztor, Atorvastatina, Lipium, Atorin, Ateroz, Divastin, Lipigan, Danelip, Torvazin, Lipocambi, Dislipat, Prevencor, Atorvox, Lipibec, Lipitin, Lipofin, Lipidan, Atorlip, Atacor, Atenfar, Stator, Liprimar, Axo, Voredanin, Ateroclar, Atasin, Anvistat, Tarimyl, Lipitaksin, Lipodial, Vastina, Biger, Atorpharm, Tahor, Liptor, Card-ok, Vass, Lorvaten, Sortis, Kolestor, Tarden, Liporest, Colostat, Torivas, Alvastin, Alipid, Ampliar, Lipovast, Torid, Xelitor, Lipizim, Torvast, Atocor, Caduet, Atorvin, Visvas-ez, Zoamco, Atoris, Saphire, Divator, Tulip, Plan, Finlipol, Pharmastatin, Lipovastatin, Vasolip, Doss-medichrom, Trova, Anzitor, Atova, Atorsan, Locol, Taven, Lipex ariston, Avascare, Atroact, Tcl-r

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